Rasha Eleyan is a Palestinian artist combining pop art and realism and is based in Singapore and Brighton.
Born in Dubai to Palestinian parents, Rasha Eleyan has developed a truly unique aesthetics that combines classical realistic painting style with a love of pop art. From early childhood, she was mentored by her father, the great Palestinian artist Nasr Abdelaziz Eleyan, in the art of drawing and oil painting. She went on to graduate with a BA in Fine Arts from the Yarmouk University in Jordan, and advanced painting and nude drawing from the Libera Accademia Di Belle Arti of Rome. 
Beginning her artistic career as an illustrator for children books and lifestyle magazines at only 18 years of age, Eleyan later worked for Walt Disney Television in Singapore, which had a tremendous influence on her career and life as an artist. Drawing inspiration from architecture, culture and current events, whether from Palestine and her Middle Eastern origins or from her home in southeast Asia, she merges hyper-realistic elements and pop art references.
Along with her personal paintings Rasha has been working as a portrait artist for over a decade and her commissioned works have been shipped worldwide. Her paintings can be found in clients’ houses in Singapore, USA, Japan, UAE, Jordan, Germany, Sweden, UK, Australia …
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Selected Exhibitions
Ganesha in the arts, ION gallery, Singapore, 2014
Peranakan, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, 2016
The cradle of civilizations, Orfali Art Gallery, Amman Jordan, 2017

Articles and Interviews
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