We start by arranging a meeting (in person or through video call) to obtain all information needed to start with the concept.

The initial meeting is spent getting to know the subject and discussing various aspects of the portrait, including who is the portrait of. Personal, couple, family, pet. What’s the style and characteristic of each individual in the portrait, where it will hang, size and style (whether fully pop art, or pop art and realistic combination).

Discussing the likes and dislikes of the individuals and/or the pet will help us create something personal as we can incorporate symbols in the composition when appropriate. Elements such as musical notes, beach, golf, favorite flowers....

I work from photos. Although I’m happy to plan a photo session if the client is in the same country, it’s not always necessary as these days we are all lucky enough to have the option to take high resolution photos to be used as reference. Artist and client will review the photos and favorites will be selected as reference for the final portrait.

Once deposit is paid I would start the commission process by creating digital sketches using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, I would share my sketches for the artwork with you, for design approval or to discuss any desired changes. so you really get an accurate idea of what the proposed finished portrait will look like. I have the ability to paint what we see pretty accurately, resulting in the digital sketch and the finished painting looking very close.

Once you approve the final design, you will receive a proposed work schedule with start and end dates, and shipping date.

To commission a painting CONTACT ME

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