Mr. Ryozo & Hanamaru - 2018
60 x 60 x 4.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Property of Mr Ryozo Inui - at his company head office, Osaka, Japan
"I was surprised to come to work! A picture of Hanamaru Udon with the president of our company Mr Ryozo ...! This is a picture that looks like a picture ...! It's so similar that you can't tell unless you look at it very close ...!!! It’s a very fashionable and wonderful art work.
We have received the painting.  Thank you for the wonderful one.  Ryozo is really happy to have it. The painting is at the wall in the office.  Every staff in my company love it. If you could visit our Instagram, you can see it."
-Yukai Inui- Osaka, Japan
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