Lynette & the cats - 2012
133 x 150 x 4.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Property of Chef Lynette Foo - Singapore

"I was introduced to Rasha’s art by a friend.  I wanted to put together a painting of my cats and having seen some of Rasha’s work, I wanted something similar with my cats.  Rasha and I discussed my ideas and I showed her some photos.  She then sketched some ideas for me and we went from there.  I love my painting very much and it’s definitely a show piece in my house. It hangs  in my dining room as a centre piece.
It’s a talking point among all my guests.  I love how she is able to capture the spirit of all the cats and I and the colours are extremely vibrant.  Rasha is professional and friendly and I highly recommend her if you want something personal, intimate and memorable to treasure in the years to come."

-Lynette Foo, Managing Director, Palate Sensations Cooking School (Singapore)
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